Latin america and the catholic church

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Religion in Latin America

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Catholic Church in Latin America

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Latin America

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Catholic Church

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One cannot understand Latin America without understanding the history of the Catholic Church in the region. Catholicism has been predominant in Latin America and 5/5(2). The Church in the United States has a long history of sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with the people of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Inthe Bishops of the United States created the Latin America Committee and an annual national collection to support the work of the Church in Latin America. The Catholic Church was undoubtedly the single most important institution in colonial Latin America.

Everyone who lived in the region was nominally a member of the Church. The Church controlled all aspects of life from birth, through marriage, until death. Nov 13,  · Latin America “in most people’s minds is synonymous with Catholicism, but the strong association has eroded,” said Neha Sahgal, a senior researcher at Pew.

The Old Catholic Communion of North America (OCCNA) is a Provincial Old Catholic Church. Western in Rite and Eastern Orthodox in theology. Serving the United States and Canada. Latin America is a group of countries and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere where Romance languages such as Spanish, French and Portuguese are predominantly spoken; it is broader than the terms Ibero-America or Hispanic term "Latin America" was first used in an conference with the title "Initiative of the America.

Idea for a Federal Congress of Republics".

Religion in Latin America Latin america and the catholic church
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