An overview of the anatomy and habitat of killer whales

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Toothed whale

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Marine Mammal Laboratory

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Killer Whales

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Apr 12,  · Overview - Open Ocean Habitats (1) Unit 3 - Coral Reef Habitat (13) Overview - Coral Reef Habitat (1) Lesson 1 - An Introduction to the Coral Reef Habitat (3) Lesson 2 - Coral Structure and Function (2) Lesson 3 - Human Impact on the Coral Reefs (4) Humpback Whales (10) Overview - Humpback Whale (1) Lesson 1 - Anatomy.

Bottlenose whale

Unit 3 - Coral Reef Habitat (13) Overview - Coral Reef Habitat (1) Lesson 1 - An Introduction to the Coral Reef Habitat (3) Unit 5 - Humpback Whales ; Lesson 1 - Anatomy of a Humpback Whale; NOAA NOS/Pacific Services Center NOAA Inouye Regional Center Wasp Blvd., Bldg Honolulu, HI The orca or killer whale is a toothed whale that is an efficient predator, even attacking huge young blue whales.

Their only enemy is human beings. Orcas live in small, close-knit, life-long pods and have 1. Most toothed whales are small dolphins and porpoise, however there are a few large toothed whales such as the killer whale and the mighty sperm whale, which grows to 60 feet ( meters) in length.

Toothed whales are believed to be some of the most intelligent animals on earth. hearing characteristics are unknown for most whales.

VocaIization data suggest whale species or division. Differences in sounds, habitat, behaviour, and size, imply substantial variation intheir auditory anatomy and, therefore, in hearing abilities.

For practical and legal reasons, most cetaceans cannot be investigated with conventional. Toothed Whales, Overview. Author links open overlay panel Sascha K (and associated anatomy) of odontocetes, and the specialized filter-feeding mechanism observed in some species of odontocetes is the presence of postreproductive care, i.e., “menopause.” Pilot whales, killer whales, and sperm whales show similar attributes to human.

An overview of the anatomy and habitat of killer whales
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